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UTCP Graduate Conference 2012 "Practicing Japanese Philosophy: Mind and Activity"


Keynote Speaker: Graham Parkes (Professor, University College Cork)

This conference will explore the experiential possibility of thinking in Japanese philosophy and other related disciplines. Writing, speaking, singing, meditating and even walking, nourish and enhance our ways of feeling and thinking. Human thinking, however pure and abstract, does not occur without the aid of sensuous activity. Even the dry and prudent analysis of historical text requires the sharp adjustment of perception. The aim of this conference is to find ways to connect theory with practice that opens to skillful, expedite, philosophical activity. If we become aware of such reciprocity of mind and activity, the work of philosophy creates an ongoing changes of perspective consisting of different things and their relations.

February 18
16:30-18:30 Opening Remark and Session 1: Body, Space and Identity
Jonathan Morris "Philosophy, Theory and Case Studies in Buddhist Materiality"
ARAKAWA Toru "Dissolving Patterns: The Wasteland Films of Abe, Teshigahara and Takemitsu"
TSUNOO Yoshinobu "The “Open Closed Room” and the “Stone Hut”―Exploring Two Underlying Structures in Nagisa Ōshima’s Films"

February 19
11:00-12:00 Lecture Session
Montserrat Crespín Perales
“Relocating the figure of Jikaku (Self-Consciousness) in Nishida’s Intuition and Reflection in Self-consciousness

13:00-14:40 Session 2: Performance beyond the Physical
FUNG Hin-fung "Dancing Body of Nishida Kitaro"
TAKAYAMA Hanako "How Can We Keep Listening?: An Analysis of Silence in Buddhist Shōmyō Music"
Hanna McGaughey "Producing Miracles: The Practice of Performance"

14:50-17:10 Session 3: Constructing Alternative Self-Consciousness
Komatsubara Takafumi "Philosophy of a Poor Bridge: Yojūrō Yasuda's Japanese Bridges"
TANG Man To "“Absolute freedom” – from the account of radicalizing consciousness"
YOKOYAMA Shota "The problem of the Institution in Miki Kiyoshi"
Jeremy Hurdis "Nishida’s Romantic Critique"

17:30-18:50 Keynote Lecture
Graham Parkes (Professor, University College Cork)

Language: English | Admission Free | No Registration Required

UTCP Graduate Student Conference Committee 2012
E-mail: mindandactivity [at]

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