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Graduate Symposium "Techniques of the Image"

Arts W-220, McGill University (Montreal)

Organised by the University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy, the Department of Art History & Communication Studies, McGill University, and the Department of East Asian Studies, McGill University.

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Panel 1: Techniques of Form, 2-3.45 pm
Respondent: Prof. Yuriko Furuhata (EAS, McGill)

1. Tai van Toorn (AHCS, McGill), "Intimate Enclosures: Framing the English Portrait Limning, 1585-1610"

2. Aya Kawamura (UTCP), "Framed Image: Aleksandr Rodchenko’s Abstract Paintings, Photographs and the Concept of Construction"

3. Toru Arakawa (UTCP), "Inflection and Inclusion: Perspectivism in Minimal Art"

Panel 2: Pictorial Constructs, 4-5.45 pm
Respondent: Prof. Takahiro Nakajima (UTCP)

1. Misato Ido (UTCP), "Commemorating the Past: The Construction of Narrative and Image in the Screen Painting of Fuji no Makigari"

2. Gyewon Kim (AHCS, McGill), "Tracing the Emperor: Photography, Imperial Progresses and the Creation of Sacred Geographies"

3. Samantha Burton (AHCS, McGill), "Inside out: locating the contact zone in images of the Canadian domestic interior"


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