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【関連イベント】The Asian Studies Conference Japan

上智大学 四谷キャンパス 11号館

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Association for Asian Studiesの日本支部によって、The Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ)

SUNDAY JUNE 21, 3:15 P.M.- 5:15 P.M
Session 41: Room 11-505

Reorienting Transcendence: Religion in Modern Japan

Organizer/Chair: Viren Murthy, University of Ottawa

1) Mariko Naito, University of Tokyo
Conflicting Religious Topoi: Izumi Kyōka’s Hakusan Worship

2) Jeremy Hurdis, University of Ottawa
The Role of Religion and Morality in Japanese Philosophers in the Prewar
Period: The Cases of Watsuji Tetsuro and Nishida Kitaro

3) Viren Murthy, University of Ottawa
The Antinomies of Religion in Meiji Japan and late Qing China

Discussant: Nakajima Takahiro, the University of Tokyo

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