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UTCP Opening Symposium, "The Horizon of Co-existence Today"

Sun, 21 October, 2007. 13h-16h
Building 18 Collaboration Room No.1, Komaba Campus, The University of Tokyo

In the opening symposium the UTCP members talk about "co-existence," an important concept in the 21st century. The concept of "co-exisitence" is often discussed from social and cultural viewpoints or from viewpoints of the relation between nature and human beings. In this symposium, being based on the possibility of the humanities in the 21st century and on the redefinition of human beings, we shall discuss the philosophical scope of "co-existence."

Chair: KOBAYASHI Yasuo
Speakers: NOBUHARA Yukihiro, NAKAJIMA Takahiro, ICHINOKAWA Yasutaka, YAMAMOTO Kumiko, NISHIYAMA Yuji, and HAYAO Takanori

Organized by The University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy (UTCP)



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