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Gilles Deleuze and the Music

Tue, 23 October, 2007. 18h-20h
Building 18 Collaboration Room No.4, Komaba Campus, The University of Tokyo

Dr. Richard Pinhas is a composer and guitarist. He is also one of the representative musicians in French experimental music. He wrote a doctoral dissertation on time and science fiction under the supervision of Jean-François Lyotard. Although he taught philosophy, Dr. Pinhas abandoned his philosophical career to work as a musician. His interesting activity as a musician is to merge philosophy with science fiction. Dr. Pinhas is a student and friend of Gilles Deleuze's and works for making CDs of Deleuze's lectures on cinema. Deleuze said, "A good lecture is like a good concert." Dr. Pinhas comes to Japan for the Deleuze tribute concert in Roppongi, Tokyo. This lecture will be another "concert."

Talk is in French (with no translator).


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