Whither Japanese Philosophy? III Reflections through other Eyes (UTCP Booklet 19)

Author:Takahiro NAKAJIMA, Viren MURTHY, Makoto TOKUMORI, CHEUNG Ching-yuen, LAM Wing-keung, Nobuo TAKAYANAGI
Publisher:UTCP Year:2011
Category:UTCP Booklet, e-text collection

Table of Contents, Copyright: Download

Takahiro NAKAJIMA: Download

1. Critique and Morality: Claude Levi-Strauss and Katsumi Umemoto
Takahiro NAKAJIMA: Download

2. Umemoto Katsumi and the Global Crisis of Humanism
Viren MURTHY: Download

3. Reading Commercial Societies: Kaihō Seiryō and Bernard Mandeville
Makoto TOKUMORI: Download

4. Educating Rita: the case of Japanese Philosophy
CHEUNG Ching-yuen: Download

5. The making of "Japanese philosophy":
Nishi Amane, Nakae Chōmin and Nishida Kitarō
LAM Wing-keung: Download

6. Japan's "Isolated Father" of Philosophy: NISHI Amane 西周 and His “Tetsugaku 哲学”
Nobuo TAKAYANAGI: Download

About the Authors: Download

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