Secularization, Religion and the State (UTCP Booklet 17)

Author:HANEDA Masashi, R. Michael FEENER, NAITO Mariko, Rodney SEBASTIAN, ABE Naofumi, Siriporn DABPHET, ISAHAYA Yoichi, Yu Mei GOH, KANAHARA Noriko, Wei Leong TAY, UCHIDA Chikara, WATANABE Shoko, Norshahril SAAT, Allan LEE
Publisher:UTCP Year:2010
Category:UTCP Booklet, e-text collection

Table of Contents, Copyright: Download

Introduction I
The Paradox of Asymmetry
HANEDA Masashi: Download

Introduction II
Secularization, Religion and the State: Reflections on a Joint University of Tokyo/National University of Singapore Workshop
R. Michael FEENER: Download

1. Rethinking the Dichotomy between the Religious and the Secular:
The Emergence of Religion in Modern Japan
NAITO Mariko: Download

2. Religious Managerialism in Singapore: Analysis of State Management of NRMs
Rodney SEBASTIAN: Download

3. “Who Acknowledges His Rights?”: Prelude to the “Modernization” of the Judicial System in Mid-nineteenth Century Iran as Seen in Persian Legal Documents
ABE Naofumi: Download

4. State and Religious Ideology in Nineteenth-Century Thailand
Siriporn DABPHET: Download

5. Vicissitudes of Nourūz: Islam, Zoroastrianism, and Historical Time Scales
ISAHAYA Yoichi: Download

6. Old Scripture in New Language: A Study of Discourse in Modern Yuli Baochao
Yu Mei GOH: Download

7. Japanese Theologian Uwoki Tadakazu and His “Japanese Religious
Spirit” in Wartime
KANAHARA Noriko: Download

8. Kang Youwei, The Martin Luther of Confucianism and his Vision of Confucian Modernity and Nation
Wei Leong TAY: Download

9. Japanese Historian Amino Yoshihiko’s Interpretation from the Viewpoint of “the People” on the Relationship between Religion and Secular Authority
UCHIDA Chikara: Download

10. To be Religious and to be Political in Colonial Algeria: The Ulama and the Nationalists, Two Approaches
WATANABE Shoko: Download

11. The State, Ulama and Religiosity: Rethinking Islamization of Contemporary Malaysia
Norshahril SAAT: Download

12. The Advancement of Christ’s “Kingdom” in Two Cities: A Comparative Study of State-religion Relations in Singapore and Malaysia
Allan LEE: Download

Contributors: Download

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