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【発表者募集】2018 Uehiro Graduate Philosophy Conference [募集終了]


会議の詳細はUniversity of Hawaiiを参照ください。

Conference Theme: Cross Currents: Persons and Selves
Place: the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Date: March 7-9 2018
Deadline: January 31 2018

応募書類送付先: UehiroPC「@」 (実際のメールでは「」は取ってください)
1) Your name, 2) Title of the paper, 3) Institutional affiliation, 4) Contact information (email, phone number, mailing address), and 5) Whether you would like to be considered for a travel award.

The theme of the 2018 edition is “Persons and Selves.” It aims to explore how the metaphysics and ethics of personhood, self and identity are understood across cultural contexts. This subject includes, but is not limited to, conceptions and taxonomies of personal identity, self-knowledge, subjectivity, the metaphysics and formation of the self, comparative and cross-disciplinary perspectives on personhood, ethical issues in personhood, distinctions between individuality and community, and the relevance and value of identity in the contemporary world. There are, of course, many other worthwhile topics and any other relevant viewpoints are welcome.

All submissions will be considered for possible publication in the Uehiro Conference Proceedings, published in the past by Cambridge Scholars Press. To view past volumes, visit the website at

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