Fields:Environmental Philosophy
Project Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo Humanities Center
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Tokyo University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Publications etc.

•Naoki Matuso・Maki Sato, “CDM Methodologies Guidebook”, commissioned report submitted to the Ministry of Environment, Japan, December 2004
•“Green New Deal Research Report - New Strategy on International Cooperation for Reducing Green House Gas Emission”, commissioned report submitted to Asia Pacific Institute, September 2010
•“Development of a Low Carbon Green Growth Roadmap for East Asia, Chapter4 Greening of Business”, compilation of analyze and good practices in Asia-Pacific on low carbon green growth, UNESCAP, December 2011
•“Dissemination of Employment and Labour Measures for Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake as International Public Resources”, ILO Japan Earthquake Project, December 2013

Publications etc.

•Maki SATO, Akira Maeda, Yoichi Kaya, Junichi Fujino, Kenji Yamaji,
Hiromi Yamamoto (December 2000) “Estimation of Bio-energy Potential in India by creating Biomass-Balance Table”, Japan Society for Energy and Resources
• Maki Sato, Yoichi Kaya (July 2000) “Creating of Biomass-Balance Table for India”, Progress In Thermochemical Biomass Conversion
• Maki SATO (March 2014) “Which is more beautiful – Between the tamed and untamed”, 2014 Uehiro Philosophy Conference
• Maki SATO (July 2014) “Is Nature our Mother? : The complexity of ‘Amae’ and ‘Enryo’”, Papers from the 2013 University of Tokyo-University of Hawaii Summer Residential Institute in Comparative Philosophy

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