MORITA Takahiro

MORITA Takahiro

Fields:linguistics, cognitive linguistics, French linguistics
Group 2:New Cognitive Paradigm Research Fellows/Research Assistants
21st-Century COE Program (2002-2007) Members (as of May 1, 2006).
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Affiliation /

Research Fellow of the University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy

Mid-term Education Program 'Ecritures of Modern East Asia and Thoughts'

Publications etc.

1. Morita, Takahiro. 2008. An RRG Approach to French Complementation Patterns, Van Valin, Robert D. Jr. (Ed.) Investigations of syntax-semantics-pragmatics interface, 337-357. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

2. Ishibashi, M. & T. Morita. to appear. Expression of motions events in Japanese and French: perspective from narrative texts. In Typology of motion events, Matsumoto Y. (Ed), Kuroshio Publisher: Tokyo. (In Japanese)

Publications etc.

1. Morita, T. 2009. Dependancy of subordinate elements in motion events and graduality of typology. In Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Cognitive Linguistics. 372-382. (In Japanese).

2. Morita. T. 2008. Function of adpositions and manner verbs in motions events: from a perspective of Japanese-French contrastive study. Bulletin d'Etudes de Linguistique Francaise., 42,31-44, Société Japonaise de Linguistique Française. (In Japanese).

3. Morita, T. 2008. Motion Expressions in Japanese and French: Intra-typological variations. In Typological studies of the expression of motions events 2, Lamarre, Ch., T. Ohori, and T. Morita (Eds),45-68, Report of the University of Tokyo COE program 'Center for Evolutionary Cognitive Sciences'. (In Japanese)

4. Morita, T. 2006. Space, Time, and Experiential Asymmetry. Bulletin of UTCP 4 , 8-18, University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy. (In Japanese)

Publications etc.

International Conferences

1. Morita, Takahiro. Manner verbs and path encoding in French and Japanese, The 5th International Con- trastive Linguistics Conference, Katholiek Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. July 2008. (In English)

2. Morita, Takahiro. Catégorisation des verbes de déplacement en japonais, Jounées de Linguistique d’Asie Orientale, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, EHESS/France. Juin 2008. (In French)

3. Morita, Takahiro. Typologie du mouvement spatial et les types de données: Une étude contrastive entre le japonais et le français, Association Française de Linguistique Cognitive, Université Lille 3, Mai 2007. (In French)

4. Morita, Takahiro. Some Operator Constraints on French Complementation Patterns, International Conference on Role and Reference Grammar, Universität Leipzig, Germany, September 2006. (In English)

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