KO Young Ran

KO Young Ran

Fields:Modern Japanese Literature
Publications etc.

"The Perspective of Antiwar Movements and Pacifism : Kotoku Shusui's "imperialism, Monster of the Twentieth Century" and Representations of Pacifism." In : Bungaku. vol.4-5. Iwanami Shoten. pp.139-158. 2003.

"Representations of Korea as Strategy : Nakano Shigeharu's Ame no Furu Shinagawa Eki, from the Musanza Edition" In: Nihon Kindai Bungaku. vol.75. Association for Modern Japanese Literary Studies. pp.119 -134. 2006.

Publications etc.

Verbal Presentation

November 3, 2006. "Proletarian Culture and Nationalism in Japanese Colonized-Korea," Proletarian Culture and Resistance in Pre-war East Asia. University of Leiden

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