IDO Misato

Fields:Japanese art history
Group 3:Construction of Common Sense Research Fellows/Research Assistants
21st-Century COE Program (2002-2007) Members (as of May 1, 2006).
Affiliation /

Visiting Fellow at Harvard-Yenching Institute

Publications etc.

'''Kanmon-nikki' ni okeru zashiki no shitsurai'' [ Decorating Room in the Kanmon-nikki (diary of Sadafusa)]. In Matsuoka Shinpei ed., Kanmon-nikki to Chusei bunka. Tokyo: Shinwasha, 2009. Coauthor.

Publications etc.


''A Study on Pine-Tree Painting on the Noh Stage:Focusing on the Activities of the Unkoku School,'' Noh to Kyogen 7 [Noh and Kyogen]. The Association for Noh and Kyogen Studies (April, 2009).

''Utopianized land: the landscape of Shikikosakuzu, Hyosyo Bunkaron Kenkyu 8, Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies at The University of Tokyo, Komaba (March, 2009).

''Gilded Space'', UTCP Booklet4 Utopia: Here and There, The University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy, 2008. In English.

''Contextualizing the ‘Tauesoshi’,'' Nihokayokenkyu, The Association of Japanese Ballads and Songs, (December,2007).

''The space of Shogon: from gilded folding screen to Golden tea-room,' UTCP Bulletin 10, The University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy (March,2007).

''Research on Tsukinami-fuzokuzu-byobu [月次風俗図屏風, Genre Scenes of the Twelve Months], Bungaku 7-5, Iwanamishoten, (September, 2006).

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