Fields:Art/Film Theory and Practice, Theory of Perception
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Publications etc.

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Publications etc.

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Publications etc.

Review, etc.

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Verbal Presentation

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Art Exhibition / Performance

HIRAKURA, Kei, Fundus Oculi, Video, Golden Garden of Verses: Yoshimasu Gozo exhibition, Literary Museum of Hokkaido, June 28 - August 31, 2008. ⇒Download
HIRAKURA, Kei, Veronesean Details, Video performance, Yotsuya the Third Primary School, October 7, 2007. ⇒Detail
HIRAKURA, Kei, Godard Systems, Video lecture, photographers' gallery, March 24, 31, April 7, 2007. ⇒Detail : March 24 / March 31 / April 7
HIRAKURA, Kei, Text, Heap, Quasi-Parts, Video installation, Variations on a Silence: Project for a Recycling Plant, Re-tem Tokyo Plant, May 13-29, 2005. ⇒Detail
HIRAKURA, Kei + SATO Yuki, YES / NO, Drawing installation, Contemporary Art 2001 Nagoya, Nagoya Civic Gallery Yada, October 26 - November 11, 2001. ⇒Detail

Film / Video

HIRAKURA, Kei, Fundus Oculi, 6m44s, 2007 ⇒Download (mpeg1 / 67.7MB)

Graphic Design

Collection UTCP 1-7 (Book Design), Tokyo: UTCP, 2007-2009.
UTCP Booklet 1~13 (Book Design), Tokyo: UTCP, 2008-2009.
Nishiyama Yuji, The Literature as Contestation : Solitude, Friendship and Community in Maurice Blanchot (Book Design), Tokyo: Ochanomizu-syobô, 2007.

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