HAYAO Takanori

HAYAO Takanori

Fields:History of Social Thought
Group 4:Logic of Dialogue Research Fellows/Research Assistants
21st-Century COE Program (2002-2007) Members (as of May 1, 2006).
Publications etc.

Between Jewish and Israel: Aporia of Nation, Seidosha, 2008
(co-ed.),Diasporas and Social Transformation: The Challenges of Coexistence with Asian and African Migrants, Kokusai-Shoin, 2008

Publications etc.

"Zionism and Israel in the Thought of Isaiah Berlin: the Idea and reality of Liberal-Nationalism",
UTCP Bulletin (University of Tokyo, Center for Philosophy), vol.10 (2007)
"Aporia between Universality and Singularity in Foundation of a Nation-State: The Self-Assertion of a Hebrew/Hebraic University by Hannah Arendt", SHISO, vol.958, (2004)
"The Politics of Exodus: Edward W. Said and Non-Jewish Jew", GENDAI-SHISO, vol.31(14), (2003)

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