HANEDA Masashi

HANEDA Masashi

Fields:Comparative History
Publications etc.

Cultural Interactions and Translation in Eurasia. 2007.
Living in Port Cities, Philosophy on the City. 2006.
Creating the Notion of the Islamic World. 2005.
Dictionary of Islam and the Islamic World. 2002
The Life of Sir John Chardin: Europe and the Islamic World in the Seventeenth Century. 1999
Matured Islamic Societies. 1998.
Studies on Jean Chardin's Description of Isfahan. 1996.
Islamic Urban Studies: History and Perspectives. Kegan Paul International (London). 1994
Mosques and History of the Islamic World. 1994.
Le Chah et les Qizilbas. Le systeme militaire safavide. Klaus Schwarz Verlag (Berlin). 1987.

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