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Komaba Philosophy Forum (Call for participants)

Limited to Professors, Fellows, and Students at Komaba Campus
Held almost once a month
Komaba Campus, The University of Tokyo

In this forum, we have philosophical discussions with topics presented by participants that spans a variety of fields.
The purpose is to freely discuss questions and cases that are sometimes difficult to deal with in formal essays or presentations.
Participants are mainly expected to be those who are involved in philosophy at Komaba Campus, but we do not set strict restrictions. If you are interested in this community, please contact us at the e-mail address below. Please include the following information in your message:
1) Your name,
2) Your specialty (1 or 2 keywords),
3) Your contact e-mail address.

We look forward to seeing you in the forum!

Contact: Akihiro Miyata (UTCP Research associate)

Organized by:
Komaba Philosophy Forum
University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy (UTCP)
East Asian Academy for New Liberal Arts, the University of Tokyo (EAA)

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