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War as a continuation of creativity by other means

1. November 2018 (Thu) 17:00-
University of Tokyo Komapa Campus, Bldg.101, 2F Seminar Room

Title: “War as a continuation of creativity by other means"
Date & Place
1. November 2018 (Thur.) 17:00~
University of Tokyo Komapa Campus
Bldg.101, 2F Seminar Room
(language: English)

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Dan Öberg:
Associate Professor of War Studies at the Swedish Defense University in Stockholm. He has a background in International relations and finished his PhD in 2005 at Yokohama National University. His current research focuses on the role of military exercises as part of imaginaries on war. His recent publications include research articles in the Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Millennium Journal of International Studies and Security Dialogue."

"We live in an era characterized by creativity. From organizational models emphasizing creativity as part of efficient corporate culture or as a tool for self-help, to commercials invoking it to sell products, creativity has the potential to become a solution for almost any predicament. This presentation looks at how discourses on creativity has been incorporated as part of the waging of war. Since the enlightenment era, war has been considered a phenomenon characterized by a tension between creativity and linear conduct, and the ideal military commander as someone with the vision to overcome this. By analysing contemporary military discourse, I set out to illustrate how it emphasizes war with a reference point in experimental artistry, often explicitly idealizing creativity as an objective. Drawing on this analysis I ask to what extent war as a continuation of creativity by other means risk spilling over into the global dimensions of social and political life."

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Organised by: UTCP, HMC (The University of Tokyo, Humanities Center)

Auditors are welcome to participate in Dan Öberg's PEAK Seminar, Philosophy of Globalisation. Topics and date: Baudrillard (24 Oct); Butler (31 Oct); and Virilio (7 Nov). Time and place: 10h25-12h10, Room 117, Bldg. 1. For registration, email dalgliesh[at]

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