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Photographing “Human” ―Photo workshop at Komaba, summer 2014―

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10:30-12:30, Thursday, August 28, 2014
Bld. 18, 4F, Open Space, The University of Tokyo, Komaba

Photographing “Human” ―Photo workshop at Komaba, summer 2014―

Knowledge is embodied. If we are to challenge the current situation of knowledge, criticized for its predisposed situatedness in “normal body” (e.g. male / able), then our starting point would have to be providing a mean of representation for knowledge in “marginal body” (e.g. female / disable).
In this workshop, we use photography as the mean to capture the world from “a system different from language” (Tagi 2003, 92), for language is also prone to be situated in “normal body”.

Lecturer: Maki Ezure (Photographer)
Born in 1980 in Tokushima, Maki now lives in Kanagawa. She graduated from Tokyo Shashin Gakuen (Tokyo academy of photography) in 2010, started her career as a freelance camera person in the same year. She takes mainly portrait photographs of 350 families a year. Her interest is also in the field of birth and care. She is now writing a photo essay regularly for the magazine, AERA with baby.

Coordinator: Mayumi Mitogawa (Mother of a son with Down’s syndrome)

Date: Thursday 28th of August, 2014, 10:30-12:30
Maximum capacity: 10 participants (we give priority to junior high school and high school students with disability)

1. Introduction
2. Let’s take a photograph. 15 min.
3. Let’s look at what you took. 15min.
4. Let’s take a photograph again. 30min.
5. Peer-review and feedback. 45 min.

* Photographs taken in the workshop will be used privately by the participants and by the organizers to report the workshop upon permission from the photographers and their subjects.
* We use digital camera. Please bring your own when participate. We have limited number of rentable cameras. Please ask the organizer, if you wish to participate but do not own a digital camera.
* You can have a lunch at the venue after the workshop. Please bring your own foods and drink if you plan to join us for lunch as well.

Contact: Maiko Watanabe (The University of Tokyo, the Graduate school of arts and sciences, project assistant professor)

Language: Japanese|Admission Free|Registration Required (maximum 10)

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Organized by L2 project “Philosophy of Disability and Coexistence”, Uehiro Research Division for Philosophy of Coexistence, The University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy (UTCP)

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