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UTCP Asian Philosophy Forum Workshop "Life, Existence and Ethics: The Philosophical Moment in East Asian Discourse"

10:00-18:00, Saturday, March 23, 2013
Building 10, Room 301, Komaba Campus, the University of Tokyo

The Asian Philosophy Forum (APF) is a series of academic workshops and lectures organized by UTCP (The University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy) which seek to re-constitute philosophical critique based on East Asian thought as a common platform. Launched in Autumn of 2012, APF attempts to deconstruct nation-oriented philosophical discourse, such as “Japanese philosophy”, “Chinese philosophy”, “Korean philosophy”, etc.. In this workshop, “life”, “existence” and “ethics” are raised as three key concepts. We will explore different approaches to these problematics from the standpoint of an East Asian perspective.

Language: English or Mandarin Chinese

HUANG Chun Chieh (黃俊傑) National Taiwan University, Taiwan
LIN Chen Kuo (林鎮國) National Chengchi University, Taiwan
KOBAYASHI Yasuo (小林康夫) The University of Tokyo, Japan
HUANG Wen-hong (黃文宏) National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
HE Zhaotian (賀照田) Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China
NAKAJIMA Takahiro (中島隆博) The University of Tokyo, Japan
SHINO Yoshinobu (志野好伸) Meiji University, Japan
KIM Hang (金杭) Yonsei University, Korea
ASAKURA Tomomi (朝倉友海) Hokkaido University of Education, Japan
ISHII Tsuyoshi (石井剛) The University of Tokyo, Japan

10:00-10:20 Opening Remarks KOBAYASHI Yasuo

10:20-11:00 Keynote Speech HUANG Chun Chieh

11:10-12:30 1st Session
LIN Chen Kuo: 真理與自由—談中國哲學的二種型態
HUANG Wen-Hong: 海德格爾與西田論他者的經驗
Commentator: ASAKURA Tomomi
Moderator: NAKAJIMA Takahiro

13:30-14:50 2nd Session
KIM Hang:
Heideggerian Nationalism, or Overcoming Modernity?
ASAKURA Tomomi: Basho and Perfect Teaching
Commentator: NAKAJIMA Takahiro
Moderator: LIN Chen Kuo

15:10-16:30 3rd Session
HE Zhaotian:
ISHII Tsuyoshi: 姊崎正治和高山樗牛關於“煩悶”的討論
Commentator: SHINO Yoshinobu
Moderator: HUANG Wen-Hong

16:30-17:50 4th Session
NAKAJIMA Takahiro:
SHINO Yoshinobu:
Commentator: HE Zhaotian
Moderator: ISHII Tsuyoshi

17:50-18:00 Concluding Remark HUANG Chun Chieh



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