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The 9th Meeting of the Study Group “Philosophy of Disability and Co-existence”

17:00-19:00, Tuseday, November 20, 2012
Bld. 18, Collaboration Room 3 (4F), The University of Tokyo, Komaba

Joel Krueger (Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen)
Title: Emotions and Social Perception: Lessons from Moebius Syndrome

Nonverbal behavior plays an important role in facilitating social interaction. It consists of a range of bodily expressions: gestures, posture, gaze patterns, movements, and facial expressions that help to give both structure and significance to our encounters with others. Individuals with Moebius Syndrome—a rare form of congenital bilateral facial paralysis—lack facial animation and thus lack the ability to enact a particularly important form of nonverbal behavior. In this talk, I argue that Moebius Syndrome offers a fruitful opportunity for exploring the role of implicit bodily communication in facilitating social cognition. In particular, I consider what Moebius Syndrome can tell us about the nature of our perception of others’ emotional expressions, as well as the role that implicit bodily communication plays in shaping interpersonal understanding.

Language: English

Admission free | No registration required

Contact: cishi08{at} (K. Ishihara)


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