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[Related event] Brain matters: New Directions in Neuroethics

September 24-26, 2009
Lord Nelson Hotel, Halifax

About the Conference

Brain interventions are significantly different from other medical interventions given their potential to alter our understanding of the species and our sense of self relative to concepts such as memory, free will, personal responsibility, criminal culpability, consciousness and personal identity. Ethics issues associated with health care, health research, and health policy will be the focus of this conference. Participants will examine practical and policy issues concerning agency, neuroenhancement, fair access, risk assessment, and research ethics.

The Brain Matters conference brings together new and established researchers from around the world with a complementary range of expertise in ethics, philosophy of mind, medicine, science, social studies, law, and policy to critically examine a wide range of issues in neuroethics. The conference presents a valuable opportunity to strengthen current research relationships between health and ethics researchers, and to foster new collaborations.

Brain Matters Website

[From UTCP]

Title: Neuroethics in Asia: Current situation and future views
Speakers: Kohji Ishihara (UTCP), Tamami Fukushi, Kevin Chien-Chang

Verbal Presentation
Title: Neuroethical Considerations of the Concept of Invasiveness
Speaker: Mineki Oguchi (UTCP)

Poster Presentation
Title: Does the "Iowa Gambling Task" really verify the somatic marker hypothesis?
Presenter: Yu Nishitsutsumi (UTCP)

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