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The Question of Technology Today (1)

17:00-19:00, June 5 (Fri), 2009
Collaboration Room 2, 4F, Building 18, Komaba Campus, University of Tokyo

Speaker: Alain Marc Rieu
Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Lyon III
Senior Research Fellow, Institute of East Asian Study (CNRS), Ecole Normale Supérieure
Visiting Professor, Chuo University
Associate Researcher, Waseda University

Heidegger published in 1954 his famous essay “Die Frage nach der Technik”. It was translated into English as “The question concerning technology”. In the first page, Heidegger stated that “Technology is not equivalent to the essence of technology”, that the essence of Technik was not technological. Today the question of technology is not a search for an essence of Technik, for a philosophy of technology. The goal is to clarify what is meant by technology, what knowledge societies produce concerning technology. Technology has always been the shadow of a technique. Today a technology is the open field in which various Research and Innovation develop and circulate, articulating concepts, practices, machines, artifacts, markets and cultures.

Language: English; Admission Free; No Registration Required

This is the first talk of the project that focuses on philosophy of technology. The project started this year, and plans to have talks on philosophy of technology and Japanese philosophy. In early-Twentieth-century Japan, people such as Jun Tosaka, Kiyoshi Miki, and Hiroto Saigusa had lively philosophical discussions about technology. Based on the development of philosophy of technology after the early Twentieth century, we shall investigate possibilities and significances of philosophy of technology today.


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