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Some Perspectives on the Post-War Japanese Cinema: An International Conference

13:00-18:30, March 2, 2009
Collaboration Room 3, 4F, Building 18, Komaba Campus, University of Tokyo

Despite continuous prosperity of Japanese Film Studies world-wide, there have been few international occasions in Japanese Universities to discuss their major issues. The present small symposium is organized, as a kind of prelude to the large-scale conference on American Film Studies to be held in Tokyo this spring, to examine the different ways in which the Japanese cinema can be dealt with, academically or otherwise. It is hoped that the symposium will help to activate international academic exchanges particularly among younger scholars.

Simon Lefebvre, “Continuity and Punctuation in Naruse Mikio’s Ukigumo (Floating Clouds)”
Alejandra Armendariz Hernandez,“Japanese women filmmakers”

Liu Wenbing, “The Kimi yo Fundo no Kawa wo Watare Boom and the Legend of Takakura Ken in China”
Phil Kaffen, “Yakuza eiga: Image Romanticism and the Principle of Critique”
Eija Niskanen, “Studio Ghibli - Keeper of Manga Eiga?”
Ilan Nguyen, “The Feature Animation Film as an Exploration of Modernity: The Conception of Hakuja-den Traced through the Toei's Present Materials”

Oliver Dew, “Melodrama and the representation of Zainichi Koreans in recent films”
Yi, Young Jae, “Invisible race, Representation of Zainichi Korean in Post-war Japanese Films”
Han, Namhee, “Widescreen Cinema in Japan, 1959-1960” 
Mark D. Roberts, “Satire and Social Consciousness in the cinema of the Showa 30s”

Hideyuki Nakamura, Professor, Rikkyo University
Chris Fujiwara, Film critic
Takashi Momma, Associate Professor, Meiji Gakuin University

Yasunari Takada, Professor, The University of Tokyo
Tamaki Tsuchida, The University of Tokyo
Language: Japanese, English; Admission Free; No Registration Required


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