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Transaction in Medicine & Heteronomous Modernization: Germany, Japan, Korea and Taiwa

20th September, 2008, 9:20-18:00
Seminar Room, The Faculty House, Komaba Campus, The University of Tokyo

Transaction, one of the epistemological concepts of J. Dewey, is something different from interaction. Transaction indicates a total continual action from which many elements later derive, while interaction is supposed to occur between the independent entities. Instead of starting from the separate medicines confined beforehand within the nation states, we can imagine the medicine in transaction that extended itself through Germany, Japan, Korea and Taiwan without boundaries. Based on this transaction in medicine, we can also describe the modernization as a heteronomous process: it needed a moment of being captured by the others, but also a moment of involving the others. The heteronomous modernization is one of the inevitable fates that the many non- western countries had to experience. But the western countries also needed the others to modernize themselves. In this international seminar, we would like to examine the validity of this kind of understanding, basing on the exciting lectures by the researchers from Germany, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.─Y. Ichinokawa

Language: English; Admission Free; No Registration Required

Session 1:
09:20-09:30 Yasutaka ICHINOKAWA, Opening Statement.
09:30-10:00 Alfosn LABISCH, Medical History in Germany Today.
10:00-10:30 Heinz SCHOTT, Criminal Psychiatry and the Ideas of Eugenics and Degeneration in the Late 19th and Early 20th Century.
(Coffee Break)
10:40-11:10 Heiner FANGERAU, The Professionalization of Medicine in Germany.
11:10-11:40 N. Gmuer, Japanese Medical Students in Halle since the 1870s.
11:40-12:40 Comments & Discussion: Christian OBERLAENDER & Akihito SUZUKI

12:40-14:00 Lunch & Break

Session 2:
14:00-14:30, Toyoko KOZAI, C. W. Hufeland in Japan.
14:30-15:00, Takeshi NAGASHIMA, Meiji Reformers' Comparative Views of Administrative Machineries for Public Health.
15:00-15:30, Hoi-eun KIM, Medicine and Modernization in Korea.
(Coffee Break)
15:40-16:10, Wen-Hua KUO, Medicine and Modernization in Taiwan: Beyond the "Central Dogma".
16:10-16:40, Comments: Wataru IIJIMA & Yasutaka ICHINOKAWA

16:40-17:50, Total Discussion

17:50-18:00, Shizu SAKAI, Closing Statement.

18:00-20:00, Small Evening Party

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