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2008 Uehiro CrossCurrents Conference: Crisis and Opportunity

March 19-20th 2008
University of Hawai’i Mānoa

2008 Uehiro CrossCurrents Conference: Crisis and Opportunity
March 19-20th
Center for Korean Studies, University of Hawai’i Mānoa

Wednesday March 19th

Opening Remarks
Panel 1: Interpretation
-Deliberating Truth and Lies in the Lotus Sutra: Heidegger, Nietzsche, Derrida and the Parable of the Burning House – Donovan Muir, San Diego State University
-Beyond Causality: Al-Ghazālī and Hume in Dialogue – Aaron Creller, UH Mānoa
-Aesthetic Ontology: Yūgen of Invisibility – Ryan Shriver, UH Mānoa

Panel 2: Comparative Philosophy, Questions and Topics
-Towards a Sustainable Global Philosophy: Deconstruction as Method –
David Alvarado, San Diego State University
-Thoughts on Comparative Philosophy – Jeremy Henkel and Matt Lopresti, UH Mānoa

Panel 3: Chinese Philosophy
-Can We Determine if Mozi is a Utilitarian or Divine Command Theorist? –
Jason Southworth, University of Oklahoma
-Chinese Traditional Environmental Ethics and World Significance – Shan Gao, University of North Texas
-The Transformation of the Genuine Person through Unprincipled Knowing – Michael Dean, UH Mānoa

Special Presentation: “East Asian Philosophy in the Age of Globalization”
-Co-existence in the Age of Globalization: Re-examining East Asian Philosophy –
Kobayashi Yasuo, President of the University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy (UTCP),
specialist in French and Japanese Philosophy
-Reconstructing Modern Buddhist Discourse through Shamon Dōgen and the Pragmatic Philosophy of Primitive Buddhism
Miyakawa Keishi, Soto Priest and specialist in modern Buddhism in China and Japan
-Confucianism in Prewar Japan in an East Asian Context, in Contrast with the Chinese Neo-Confucian Movement
Nakajima Takahiro, Vice-President of UTCP and specialist in Chinese Philosophy

Thursday March 20th

Panel 1: Heidegger and Asian Philosophy
-Heidegger and Zen – David Storey, Fordham University
-Heidegger, Politics, and Daoism – Casey Rentmeester, University of South Florida

Panel 2: Responsible Citizenship
-Mormon Metaphysics and the Politics of Polygamy – Cindy Scheopner, CU Boulder
-Exemplary Original Works? Creativity and Originality in Copyright Law –
Laura Biron, Cambridge University
-Turning Ecological Crisis into Opportunity for Local Communities on Sado Island –
Mitsuyo Toyoda, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Keynote Address:
-Comparative Philosophy in Crisis – Dr. Thomas Kasulis, Ohio State University

Roundtable Discussion: Teaching Philosophy to Undergraduates

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