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UTCP Lecture on Understanding Islam #1

Thu, 25 October, 2007. 18h-20h
Building 18 Collaboration Room No.1, Komaba Campus, The University of Tokyo

Islam has many aspects and shows us many features. All of them are part of Islam, but not all of it. By taking up traditional Islamic aspects as examples and thus considering the variety and plasticity of Islam, I shall reconsider Islam as an open religion.

Speaker: Prof. Shigeru Kamada (Institute of Oriental Culture, University of Tokyo)


Prof. Kamada specializes in Islamic thought, in particular, Shiitic mysticism.

Shigeru Kamada, "Fayd al-Kashani's Walaya: The Confluence of Shi'i Imamology and Mysticism," Todd Lawson ed., Reason and Inspiration in Islam: Theology, Philosophy and Mysticism in Muslim Thought: Essays in Honour of Hermann Landolt, 2005, London, I.B.Tauris, pp. 455-468.

Shigeru Kamada, "Time and Space in Mulla Sadra's Mystical Thought through His Reference to Ushnuhi," Sayyed Mohammed Khamenei ed., Islam-West Philosophical Dialogue: The Papers Presented at the World Congress on Mulla Sadra (May, 1999, Tehran) Volume 9 - Mulla Sadra Religion and Gnosis, 2004, Tehran, Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute, pp. 217-232.

Shigeru Kamada, "Metempsychosis (tanasukh) in Mulla Sadra's Thought," Orient, 30/31, 1995, Tokyo, The Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan, pp. 119-132.

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