Philosophy of Disability & Coexistence II (UTCP-Uehiro Booklet 12)

Author:Kohji ISHIHARA and Haruka TSUTSUI (eds.)
Publisher:UTCP Year:2016
Category:UTCP-Uehiro Booklet

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1. Between Being Able and Being Powerless: Towards a Phenomenology of Ability
Takashi Ikeda

2. Performativity of (Dis)abilities: Rethinking Ability from the Perspective of Judith Butler's Gender Theory
Minae Inahara

3. How Can We Bio-graph?: Sartre, Reader of Wilhelm II by Emil Ludwig
Hisato Kuriwaki

4. (De)mythification in Adieux: Sartre's Old Age as Seen from Beauvoir's Perspective
Aya Nakamura

5. Physiology and Dysgnosia in the Epistemology of Avicenna
Yuta Komura

6. Kant on Madness as the Loss of Common Sense
Kohji Ishihara

7. Role of Expectation in Fertility Treatment
Yuh Miyahara

8. Problems of Poster Children and the Concealed Others: Through LĂ©vinas, Derrida, and Van Manen's Theories of Others
Masahito Nangaku

9. Rethinking a Concept of Recovery: A Practice of Recovery College in England
Rie Yamada

10. Phenomenology of Itch: A Tojisha-kenkyu Essay on Atopic Dermatitis
Katsunori Miyahara

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