Philosophy of Disability & Coexistence: Body, Narrative, and Community (UTCP-Uehiro Booklet 2)

Author:Kohji ISHIHARA and Minae INAHARA (eds.)
Publisher:UTCP Year:2013
Category:UTCP-Uehiro Booklet

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Kohji Ishihara

Research Papers
1. Physical Disability and Abjection: between Acceptance and Rejection
Minae Inahara

2. Empathetic Identification and Person Perception in the Ashley Case
Yuh Miyahara

3. Woman's Body and Surrogacy
Hitomi Saitoh

4. Trauma and Literature: Women began to speak about their experiences
Arisa Iwakawa

5. Expressions of Disability in the Context of Islam
Yuta Komura

6. Ethics of Disability and Experimental Ethics for Coexistence: A Reflection on the Status of Intuitions
Kazuki Iijima

7. From Psychopathology to Tojisha-kenkyu: Tojisha-kenkyu as Phenomenological Practice in a Phenomenological Community
Kohji Ishihara

8. Between Two Worlds: A Phenomenological Critique of the Medical and Social Models of Disability
Michael Gillan Peckitt, Minae Inahara, and Jpnathan Cole

Tojisha-kenkyu Case Study
From Accepting Existing Terms to Creating Original Terms: Reflections on Tojisha-kenkyu and the 'Picture Frame' Ploblem
Mitsuru Mizutani

Report from UTCP/PhDC 1st International Conference On Philosophy of Disability: Disability Studies and Tojisha Kenkyu
Tojisha Kenkyu practice for people with mental disorder in the Republic of Korea
Dae Hwan Kim (Translator: Kyungnam Moon)
In the middle of self-transformation
Nak Woo Kim (Translator: Kyungnam Moon)

Translation (Japanese)
Enactive intersubjectivity: Participatory sense-making and mutual incorporation (from Phenom Cogn Sci (2009) 8: 465-486)
Thomas Fuchs & Hanne de Jaegher (Translator: Shogo Tanaka)

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