Historical Essays on Japanese Technology (Collection UTCP 6)

Author:Takehiko Hashimoto
Publisher:UTCP Year:2009
Category:Collection UTCP, e-text collection

Title page, table of contents: Download
Preface, acknowledgements: Download

I. Mechanical Clocks and the Origin of Punctuality

1. Japanese Clocks and the Origin of Punctuality in Modern Japan: Download
2. Hisashige Tanaka and His Myriad Year Clock: Download

II. Roles and Visions of Foreign Engineers

3. Introducing a French Technological System: The Origin and Early History of the Yokosuka Dockyard: Download
4. Views from England: Technological Conditions of Meiji Japan in The Engineer: Download

III. Forming Technological Foundations in Modern Japan

5. From Traditional to Modern Metrology: The Introduction and Acceptance of the Metric System: Download
6. The Historical Evolution of Power Technologies: Download
7. The Trans-Pacific Flight Project and the Re-examination of Aeronautical Standards: Download

IV. University, Industry, and the Government in Postwar Society

8. Science after 1940: Recent Historical Research on Postwar American Science and Technology: Download
9. A Hesitant Relationship Reconsidered: University-Industry Cooperation in Postwar Japan: Download
10. Technological Research Associations and University-Industry Cooperation: Download
11. The Roles of Corporations, Universities, and the Government before and after 1990: Download

Note about the author: Download

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