Whither Japanese Philosophy? Reflections through other Eyes (UTCP Booklet 11)

Author:John C. MARALDO, Thomas P. KASULIS, Michael F. MARRA, Christian UHL, Viren MURTHY, Eddy DUFOURMONT, Takeshi KIMOTO, Takahiro NAKAJIMA
Publisher:UTCP Year:2009
Category:UTCP Booklet, e-text collection

Table of Contents, Copyright : Download

Takahiro NAKAJIMA : Download

1. An Alternative Notion of Autonomy
John C. MARALDO : Download

2. Writing a History of Japanese Philosophy: What I Have Learned
Thomas P. KASULIS : Download

3. Aesthetic Categories: Past and Present
Michael F. MARRA : Download

4. Italian Fireflies into the Darkness of History
Michael F. MARRA : Download

5. The Spirit of Parody: Nakae Chōmin and the 'Philosophy of Joy'
Eddy DUFOURMONT : Download

6. The Tribulations of Temporality: Impossible Resistance in Takeuchi Yoshimi and Tosaka Jun
Viren MURTHY : Download

7. Tosaka Jun and the Question of Technology
Takeshi KIMOTO : Download

8. Lu Xun - Huxley - Nietzsche: A Footnote to a Familiar Subject
Christian UHL : Download

About the Authors : Download

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