Can Philosophy Constitute Resistance? (Collection UTCP 5)

Author:TAKAHASHI Tetsuya
Publisher:UTCP Year:2008
Category:Collection UTCP, e-text collection

Title page, table of contents : Download
Preface, acknowledgements : Download

I. Philosophy and War

1. « Philosophie de l'histoire mondiale » Logique du nationalisme philosophique japonais : Download
2. Community and the Law of Return: Between Ethics and the Question of Being : Download

II. Postwar Japan Responsability

3. Japanese Neo-Nationalism: A Critique of Kato Norihiro's "After the Defeat" Discourse : Download
4. From the Hinomaru and Kimigayo to the Symbolic Emperor System : Download
5. History and Judgment: The Women's International War Crimes Tribunal : Download
6. The Emperor Showa Standing at Ground Zero: On the (re-)configuration of a National "Memory"of the Japanese People : Download

III. Conflicts of Memory: Yasukuni

7. The National Politics of Yasukuni Shrine : Download
8. Legacies of Empire: The Yasukuni Shrine Controversy : Download
9. Nation and Sacrifice: The Problem of Yasukuni shrine in Contemporary Japan : Download


10. Can Philosophy Constitute Resistance? An Interview of Takahashi Tetsuya by Lee Hyo Duk : Download

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