Passages of the Epochs : Walter Benjamin Today (UTCP Booklet 3) *in Japanese

Author:Tadashi KAWAMATA, Takahiro NAKAJIMA, Dan MORITA, Yoshikazu TAKEMINE, Francisco NAISHTAT. edited by Yasuo KOBAYASHI
Publisher:UTCP Year:2008
Category:UTCP Booklet, e-text collection

Table of Contents

Redemption and Passages, by Tadashi Kawamata and Yasuo Kobayashi

Thinking Walks, by Tadashi Kawamata

Phases of Going Astray: A Consideration of Experience in Benjamin's Passages, by Dan Morita

Passages: The Topos of Strolling and Moving, by Yoshikazu Takemine

Psychoanalytic Traces in the Theory of Historical Knowledge, by Francisco Naishtat

Languages of a City and a Large City, by Takahiro Nakajima

Like a Thunderclap: TImes and the Unconscious, by Yasuo Kobayashi

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