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【関連イベント】The Tokyo Forum for Analytic Philosophy (TFAP)


The Tokyo Forum for Analytic Philosophy (TFAP) is a forum for research in analytic philosophy broadly conceived---including research in the empirical/formal sciences that is of philosophical interest. We are inviting speakers from Japan and abroad. Meetings are held in English. Anybody who is interested is welcome.

Upcoming seminars (in October)

October 11:
Attributing Attitudes to the Confused
 Speaker: Chris Tancredi
 From: Keio University

October 18:
Aboutness and Imagination
 Speaker: Franz Berto
 From: University of Amsterdam

October 25:
Knowing What It Is Like and Testimony
 Speaker: Yuri Cath
 From: La Trobe University

Hosted by the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, the University of Tokyo

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