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UTCP講演会「The Return of Rage」

東京大学駒場キャンパス101号館2階 研修室 [地図]

発表者: マリオ・ヴェニング (マカオ大学)

使用言語: 英語 入場無料,事前登録不要

In recent discussions one can witness an increasing focus on the connection between ethics and “positive” emotions such as empathy, love, and sympathy. In contrast, “negative” emotions - and in particular rage- have been seen as harmful. Consequently these emotions received only marginal attention. This is rather unfortunate, given that rage is one of the most forceful psychopolitical driving forces in personal and political struggles on the national and international stage. The paper pursues the question, if it is possible to construct a viable paradigm that draws on the psychopolitical category of rage and related concepts such as honor and satisfaction. The guiding hypothesis is that a politics of caring for the worst-off without vengeful contours is empty, while rage without deliberation is blind.



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