Uehiro Research Division for Philosophy of Co-existence

L2 Philosophy of Disability and Co-existence

In advanced nations such as Japan, where the society is literally aging, the proportion of people with disabilities such as dementia, and a variety of disorders, is rapidly increasing when compared with the past. In addition, the notions of mental disorders and developmental disabilities have been transformed and the definition of people with disabilities has been extended. As a result of social changes, the disability rights movement, and disability studies after the 1970s, the social position of people with disabilities has been transformed from socially excluded objects of treatment and care by specialists into subjects, human beings, who live in the community. However, despite the changes, deep-rooted prejudices and misunderstandings about people with disabilities persist. In order to avoid these prejudices and misunderstandings, it is essential to investigate philosophical questions about disability. Through collaborating with people with disabilities, and conducting joint research projects with international researchers and researchers in the natural scientific disciplines, such as neuroscience, L2 interrogates the concept of disability and the first-personal experience of being disabled and aims to develop philosophical thoughts in order to create a society co-existing in harmony with people with or without disabilities. Similarly, L2 will contribute to the sustainable development of philosophical investigations by exploring the philosophy of disability.

Coodinator: ISHIHARA Kohji (The University of Tokyo)

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